Dust Control in Production

what can cause high dust in production?

  • You have a higher number of defects caused by dust.
  • Dust particles reduce productivity and increase maintenance costs.
  • There is a risk of contamination of products by dust and dirt particles that are more easily transported in dry air.
  • You lose unprocessed materials in dust form.


solution: dust control by spraying semi-dry fog and dry fog

Airborne particles can cause a number of problems. They are difficult to contain, especially outside buildings. However, it is possible to limit their movement or completely eliminate it by gentle moistening. Our industrial humidification system sprays small water droplets that are the same size as dust particles. Water droplets collide with dust particles in the air and pull them to the ground with their weight. IKEUCHI industrial spray and humidification systems can also prevent dust adhesion. Dust sticks to objects due to its microstructure, viscosity, or electrostatic charge. By regulating the relative humidity, the conductivity of the air increases and prevents the dust from sticking to the object with an electrostatic charge. 

Examples of Products for this Solution

GSIM series - Pneumatic nozzles are able to suppress dust without wetting the environment. They quickly spray drops of size 40 – 80 um in large volume.

AKIMist – Industrial humidification systems spray dry fog with an average droplet size of 10μm and less.

BIM series – Pneumatic nozzles form extremely fine drops the size from 10 to 100 μm. We can adjust BIM nozzles according to operating conditions. Hydraulic systems with hollow cone atomization prevent dust adhesion. The KB, KBN, and LYOHM series spray an extremely fine mist.



      • Low dust suppression costs
      • Elimination of the loss of raw material in dust form
      • Elimination of defects caused by dust
      • Prevention of dangerous air contamination
      • Easy maintenance
      • Improvement of the working environment
      • Dust adhesion prevention
      • Reducing the transmission of dust particles through the air
      • ESD prevention
      • Humidity control in closed spaces
      • Environmental cooling

The IKEUCHI solution has already been successfully deployed, e.g., in Integraf, Remprint, or DIW print

Where Can you Use IKEUCHI Dust Suppression Products?

    • Automotive
    • Wood processing
    • Metallurgy
    • Aviation
    • Textile industry
    • Polygraphy