Data Centers

Static electricity is harmless to humans, although perhaps unpleasant. But it can mean death for sensitive electronic components. In data centers and computer rooms, it is therefore extremely important to create an environment where the devices don’t overheat and electrostatic charge (ESD) is not generated. Electrostatic charge can easily lead to memory erase or permanent damage to components. The recommended relative air humidity for data centers is 60%. Air-conditioned or heated spaces have often much lower relative humidity.


Dry fog humidification significantly reduces the risk of static electricity and helps to cool the environment at the same time. All of this is without the risk of damaging electronics, as the droplets of dry fog, evaporate while still in the air, thanks to their mini size. Adiabatic industrial humidification is often used in data centers as a supplement to air conditioning. Air conditioning provides the necessary cooling but it also dries the air. Our recommended solution is AKIMist®, an industrial dry fog sprayer.

Our company has many years of experience with the elimination of ESD as we have been providing solutions to the electrotechnical industry for a long time. You can read more about ESD prevention here.

  • Electrostatic charge prevention
  • Lower air conditioning costs and lower overall energy costs
  • Effective humidity regulation
  • Easy installation
  • High performance and easy maintenance
  • The system can quickly adapt to changes in room layout