Dry Fog Humidification

Low humidity in production causes many problems. Dry air creates static electricity, which causes defects and dust adhesion to electronic devices. According to estimates the damage caused by static electricity in the electronic industry is 5 billion $ annually. And that is not the only problem caused by low humidity.

  • Dry air decreases the quality of products and increases machine malfunctions.
  • A working environment with low humidity results in increased morbidity among employees.
  • Dry air poses a higher risk of ignition.

How to avoid these pitfalls? The solution is stable humidity control in production using an industrial air humidifier. When you invest in it, your products will continue to have high quality and production will not be slowed down in the winter due to employee illness. Industrial dry fog humidification which uses spray nozzles is a more economical and efficient alternative to other types of humidification.

dry fog benefits

  • Industrial humidification systems spray dry fog with an average droplet size of 10μm and less. Thanks to mini size the water evaporates in the air and doesn’t fall on the surface. Dry fog doesn’t condensate or wet the environment, products, and employees.
  • Correct relative air humidity (50-60%) during technological processes will guarantee a reduction in product defects.
  • You will prevent ESD problems. Static electricity is a big problem, especially during winter. It deteriorates product quality, misalignment, jamming, dust adhesion, and in extreme cases can cause a fire.
  • The non-wetting dry fog which doesn’t form condensation cools the working environment and at the same time increases air humidity. This contributes to the optimal performance of the machines, compliance with product quality, and a better working environment for employees.
  • The system automatically checks the humidity and temperature and turns on when programmed values fall down.
  • Industrial humidification systems have low electricity consumption.

What is our offer?zvlhcovanie suchou hmlou

An industrial humidification system made by Japanese company IKEUCHI tailored to your needs. The system works automatically. After clarifying your criteria and inspecting the premises, we will prepare a comprehensive custom system design. We will take care of the installation of the humidification system, set up its automation, and make sure it works according to your wishes.

The company Realtime Technologies SK s.r.o. has been operating in the electronic industry since 2003. We are the exclusive distributor of the Japanese company IKEUCHI, in Slovakia. IKEUCHI has been producing top-quality nozzles and humidification systems since 1954; their products are successfully used in various types of industries, e.g. the electronics industry, metallurgy, or winemaking. Dry fog humidification is used in important production companies such as Chemosvit, DIW Print, Integraf, Lindner, or Remprint.

what do customers say about industrial dry fog humidification?

„The required value was achieved in less than one hour and the subsequent stability of moisture retention is in the range of +/- 5%. These parameters were also confirmed in the following months. The system works reliably in automatic mode (only the lower limit is set in our country), so in the summer months, when the natural humidity is high enough, the operation is not necessary. The bonus is that the humidity will also partially increase in the surrounding facilities, which is also praised by employees for more pleasant breathing during the winter months and reduced dust.“ (Minebea Slovakia)

"In the past, we had big problems ensuring the required humidity. The high mineral content in our drinking water caused limescale and subsequent high maintenance costs. In 2016 we installed an offset printing machine, which the supplier required us, due to the complexity of the technology, to ensure air humidity in the production hall in the range of 46-54%. Based on the experience of one of the production plants, where the IKEUCHI humidification system was installed on a trial basis, we decided to install this system also in the new plant. The system is now running and I can say that the IKEUCHI system has provided the required humidity parameters specified by the manufacturer. It is reliable and has minimal operation and maintenance costs. Because of this, we ordered two more systems as part of the investment for installing a flexographic printing machine and a new cutting production hall." (Ing. Jozef Bendík, Chemosvit)

Where You Can Use IKEUCHI Dry Fog Humidification?  

  • Automotive
  • Wood processing
  • Electrotechnical industry
  • Polygraphy
  • Food industry
  • Tobacco industry
  • Textile industry

free trial

Are you interested in the solution and want to find out if it is the right fit for you and your business premises? We offer a free 7 – day rental of a mobile humidification unit. Contact us at info@realtimetec.sk for more information. 

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