The IKEUCHI system brings many advantages compared to other systems we used before (high pressure, steam humidification). Above all, I appreciate its trouble-free operations, almost no costs related to its servicing and operation, as well as its method of distributing dry fog (spraying of water using compressed air) which is uniform, without dripping or splashing water.

Tomáš Kulich, ENICS Slovakia, s.r.o.

In the past, we had big problems ensuring the required environment humidity. The high mineral content of our drinking water caused limescale and subsequent high maintenance costs. In 2016, we installed an offset printing machine, which the supplier required, due to the complexity of the technology, to ensure air humidity in the production hall in the range of 46-54%. Based on the experience of one of the production plants, where the IKEUCHI humidification system was installed on a trial basis, we decided to install this system also in the new plant. The system is now in operation and I can say that it provided us with the required humidity parameters specified by the technology manufacturer. It is very reliable and has minimal operation and maintenance costs. Based on this experience, our company ordered two more such systems as part of the installation of a flexographic printing machine and a new cutting hall production.

Ing. Jozef Bendík, Chemosvit
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We are a printing company and the request was to ensure the humidity of the environment according to the materials used. IKEUCHI manages it without any problems, moreover, it can divide the space into different zones and do it fully automatically with almost no maintenance. The advantage is that it is a low-pressure system. Another request from the management was to eliminate dust during handling and printing when very fine dust is created. This dust gets almost anywhere, electronics and machines suffer from it, as well as operators who have to breathe it. The dry fog produced by the IKEUCHI system has definitely reduced the dust to a minimum, the estimate is 80%, it’s easier to breathe and the air is visibly cleaner. This is due to the fact that the dust has stopped swirling. In some parts of the plant, the temperature dropped by approx. 2 °C during hot months. Now we have a better environment for people and machines, and of course, we save on material and energy.

J. Andrž, Integraf, s.r.o.
Case Study Minebea

After the launch of production in our new plant, we discovered that during the winter season, the air humidity in the production hall sometimes drops below 20%. One of the productions located in the center of the hall requires air humidity at a higher level for some of the technological processes. Since it is an area of only about 20% of the total hall area, the installation of classic humidification (steam generator for air conditioning) would be very demanding, both in terms of investment and operation. Based on the proposal, we ordered installation for February 2019. Our concerns about whether spot humidification would be sufficient in such a large hall were dispelled a few hours after the new system launched. The required value was achieved in less than one hour and the subsequent stability of moisture retention is in the range of +/- 5%. These parameters were also confirmed in the following months. The system works reliably in automatic mode (only the lower limit is set in our country), so in the summer months, when the natural humidity is high enough, the operation is not necessary. The bonus is that the humidity will also partially increase in the surrounding facilities, which is also praised by employees for more pleasant breathing during the winter months and reduced dust.

Miloš Lang, Maintenance & Facility Manager, Minebea
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GPV Slovakia decided to use the IKEUCHI humidification system in order to achieve constant humidity in the premises of electronic assembly manufacture. We needed to stabilize the required air humidity, reduce the ambient temperature, and eliminate ESD; all of this was accomplished after the installation of the humidification technology by IKEUCHI and its smart control unit.

The dry fog technology has also visibly reduced dust and significantly improved the air, which was noticed and praised by the employees. The system is fully automated and most importantly, error-free. It’s not necessary to pay any attention to it in terms of operation or service.

Daniel Polešovský, GPV Slovakia, s.r.o.