Wood processing industry

Wood is a hygroscopic material, which means it absorbs and releases moisture based on its environment. It expands in wet environments and shrinks in a dry environments. If any of these two processes happen too quickly, it leads to cracks, damage to the wood structure, and deformities. Stable relative air humidity is therefore very important during wood processing.


Dry fog industrial humidification will ensure a stable level of relative humidity in space.

AKIMIST® mobile unit

We recommend AKIMist® mobile unit for small spaces. The unit sprays dry fog that reliably humidifies the air but doesn’t condensate on the walls and floor. It is an easy-to-use device with a pressurized water tank ready for immediate use. You can choose between one or two adjustable nozzles. One nozzle can humidify 100m3.

Smart Dry Fog Controller

If you are looking for a more complex solution, we have a Smart Dry Fog Controller. The system consists of AKIMist® nozzles, a reverse osmosis device, a timer, and an air humidity sensor. The system automatically manages optimal air humidity in the space. The system is almost maintenance-free when you are using demineralized water. It can be used in both large and small spaces. This system was deployed e.g. also in the company Lindner


  • Dry fog humidification maintains a stable humidity that can be adjusted according to your needs. This helps to increase the efficiency of work and the quality of final products.
  • Dry fog reduces dust in the space and thus contributes to a better working environment. The water drops moisten the microparticles of wood sawdust and dust particles and drag them to the ground. The air is then more breathable and better for employees.
  • Glues and paints don’t dry out in optimally humidified air. Water-soluble paints need stable relative humidity to avoid adhesion problems. The glue that dries evenly ensures a good joint.
  • Adiabatic humidification is recommended especially for the wood processing industry. Heat is generated during cutting and processing wood and adiabatic humidification reduces interior temperature by 2 to 3°C. Dry fog humidification thus saves air conditioning costs.