Aviation Industry

Our industrial humidification solutions are successfully used in the aviation industry, especially in painting and coating work, sanding, and repairs. What problems cause dry air in these processes?


  • Dust adhesion
  • Air contamination (flying dust particles from sanding)
  • Increases maintenance costs


  • Cracking of paint and varnish
  • Results in defects caused by dust
  • Solvents and water-based paints dry faster
  • Vapors from coatings spread much more in dry air 

solution: Dust suppression increases quality of products

Sanding and painting in the same hangar is a problem. Our system can eliminate it by spraying droplets of water before and during sanding. This suppresses dustiness in the room and at the same time increases the humidity. The dust particles are less adhesive when the air has more humidity. Our proven solutions can be adapted to the specifics of each hangar, be it size, airflow, existing HVAC, or local climate.


1. Pneumatic systems


AKIMist® E reduces the risk of defects caused by dust and prevents ESD problems. It provides spot non-wetting humidification. Industrial humidifier AKIMist® E purifies the air, improves temperature stability, and contributes to a better working environment.

BIM series

Pneumatic nozzle with three types of spray. Unique design minimizes clogging and provides longer life. It produces a fine spray mist with droplets of 100 μm or less.

2. Hydraulické systémy

KB and KBN series – atomizer in the shape of a hollow cone for extremely fine fog with a very small capacity.

3. fan systems


The industrial cooling and humidification system for large spaces disperses the fine fog with the fan. It decreases the temperature of the environment by 2 to 4°C. It is suitable for large buildings with continuously open entrances and for spaces where standard cooling and humidification systems are ineffective.

4. air systems


Reinforced air nozzles for air cooling, blowing and cleaning. There are three types of nozzles available: flat, long flat, and round. Compared to conventional air nozzles with the same air volume, TAIFUJet is 10 dB quieter. Its unique design provides uniform airflow.


  • Less dust in the air during sanding.
  • Slower evaporation of colors.
  • Increased air humidity leads to a better working environment.
  • Less downtime and higher productivity.
  • Dust adhesion prevention without wetting the environment.
  • Cooling of the hangar of any size.