Screen Printing

Proper handling of the emulsion is important in screen printing. When it is too dry, cracks and thin spots occur. Print may be blurred or misaligned. As with other types of printing, it is always important to prevent static electricity and dust adhesion that occurs in dry air.

solution: industrial humidification systems

Low air humidity negatively affects printing equipment and increases the error rate and machine downtime. The level of static electricity increases especially during winter, leading to poorer product quality, misalignment, paper jams, double feeding, dust adhesion, and even the risk of fire. You can avoid these problems by adding spot industrial humidification near the printing machine. Industrial humidification will reduce static electricity and help to keep constant product quality. The IKEUCHI industrial humidification system sprays dry fog, that doesn’t wet the equipment.


AKIMist®E dry fog sprayer. Due to the miniature diameter of the water droplets, dry fog doesn’t wet objects and the environment. When using demineralized water and clean compressed air, the need for maintenance is eliminated. The system is easy to install and has low operating costs.  


  • Eliminates emulsion and net problems caused by low humidity.
  • Prevention of misalignment and printing defects.
  • Prevention of dust adhesion.
  • Cost savings (lower error rate and decrease in downtime).
  • Year-round constant humidity (set according to your preferences).
  • The option of spot humidification requires less energy.