Nozzles for Surface Treatment

IKEUCHI industrial spray nozzles can be used also for surface treatment, whether in the galvanizing line or conformal coating.

We have nozzles for:

  • Continuous galvanizing lines (CGL)
    • Minimization of sparks
    • Cooling of the upper disc and steel sheet after galvanization
    • Blowing, air drying
    • Degreasing, rinsing
  • Electrolytic galvanizing lines (EGL)
    • Blowing liquids
    • Vapors
    • Washing, chemical rinsing
  • Conformal coating lines (CCL)
    • Blowing liquids
    • Cooling after drying


BIM series

Pneumatic nozzle with three types of spray. Unique design minimizes clogging and provides longer life. The nozzle produces a fine spray mist with droplets of 100 μm or less.

Recommended use: For cooling after galvanization

TAIFUJet series

Reinforced air nozzles for air cooling, blowing, stripping, and cleaning. We offer three types of nozzles: flat, long flat, and round. Compared to conventional air nozzles with the same air volume, they are 10 dB quieter. Their unique design takes care of uniform airflow.

Recommended use: blowing and drying.


The latest innovation of the self-cleaning head with built-in brushes for cleaning the nozzle. The nozzle has even distribution and is reliable. It requires minimum maintenance.

Recommended use: degreasing and rinsing.