Nozzles for Steel Production

Our nozzles can be used in the converter, electric furnace, continuous casting machine, flue gas treatment equipment, and in many other steps of the steelmaking process.

Our industrial spray nozzles are for:
  • Secondary cooling on the continuous casting machine
  • Cooling of refractory materials
  • Reduction of dustiness
  • Cooling of flue gases
  • Reduction of heat and odor


DOVEA series

Nozzles with uniform flat pneumatic spraying. Nozzles provide a powerful stream even at low pressure. They are able to regulate the range of spraying capacity up to 40l/min without changing the angle. The series contains several types of nozzles that enable the production of different types of steel. Nozzles are easy to service and have low operating costs.

Recommended use: For secondary cooling on a continuous casting machine.


Hybrid hydraulic nozzles with air check valve. They can be used as hydraulic nozzles at high flow rates, but they are also suitable for low flow rates and can optimally regulate the flow rate with minimal air consumption. The nozzles can maintain the same impact and spray angle.

Recommended use: For secondary cooling on a continuous casting machine.

Benefits of our cooling technology

Cooling Plates

When cooling hot plates, an impact force is required to break through the boiling film. We have experimented with cooling a lot and so now we can offer you optimal nozzles and their distribution scheme.

Cooling of Flue Gases

Cooling of high-temperature flue gases, such as sintered exhaust gases, requires spray control and droplet diameter to allow complete evaporation. When selecting the appropriate control system and nozzles, we use CFD simulation to ensure complete evaporation.