Nozzles for Ironmaking

Our nozzles are used in every step of iron production, be it a conveyor, electric separator, flue gas treatment system, coke oven, blast furnace, or waste treatment.

Our nozzles are for:
  • Reduction of dust
  • Exhaust gas cooling
  • Cooling of refractory materials
  • Absorption of gases
  • Cooling of flue gases from the blast furnace in the dry dust collector
  • Heat reduction
  • Spraying
  • Cleaning


GSIMII series

The pneumatic fine fog spray nozzle is ideal for reducing dust, cooling exhaust gases, and refractory materials.

Recommended use: In a cooling tower to cool flue gases, to reduce dust around the exit of the rolling mill to avoid particle contamination, or to cool refractory materials.

TAA series

The durable hollow cone spray nozzle with a high flow rate is ideal for gas absorption. It has stable atomization at low pressure.

Recommended use: For gas absorption during flue gas desulfurization and for spraying in a cooling tower.


  • Controlled quality
  • Performance guarantee of hydraulic nozzles for capacity and spray angle.

We have also other solutions and simulations for gas cooling, such as thermo-fluid analysis data or spray impact distribution across width and thickness.