Food Storage and Industrial Humidification

Storage of food greatly affects its quality and safety. Among the most important factors in the storage of fresh food are temperature, humidity, storage method, air circulation, and cleanliness of storage areas. If a fruit or a vegetable loses too much moisture, its cells dry out. Not even quick dewing will save them, they are already dry inside and have lost their taste and valuable vitamins and minerals. It is important to keep food in an environment with optimal air humidity from the beginning until its delivery to the customer.



AKIMist® industrial humidifier sprays a dry fog that humidifies the air but doesn’t condense on the walls or floor. It can maintain a stable humidity level between 60 – 65% RH. The industrial humidifier AKIMist® can have one to four adjustable nozzles. One nozzle can humidify the air in a room of 100m3.


AKIMist® is part of a comprehensive Smart Dry Fog Controller, together with a reverse osmosis device and a control unit. When using demineralized water, the system is almost maintenance-free. The system can be used in small cellars or big warehouses alike.


  • No need to frequently check air humidity.
  • Cost savings compared to traditional solutions.
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance.