Air Humidification and Cooling in Wine Cellars

You need to strictly monitor the level of relative air humidity in wine cellars and warehouses where alcohol matures in barrels. If the air humidity is too low or fluctuates, up to 5% of your production will evaporate in a year.

Angel’s share or Devil’s cut will deprive you of this wine and alcohol. The Angel’s share is the evaporation of wine and other alcohol into the air, the Devil’s cut is the uncontrollable soaking of wine into wooden barrels.

How to make sure you don’t have to pay angels or devils? In a room with a stable relative humidity between 80% and 85% RH, evaporation is dramatically reduced.

Solution: dry fog humidification 

Dry fog humidification can effectively regulate the required humidity in wine cellars and reduce alcohol evaporation. Unlike with other types of humidifiers, the dry fog doesn’t wet barrels or floors.  The dry fog created in IKEUCHI devices creates miniature droplets of water with a size of 7.5 microns. Being so small, the droplets evaporate in the air, increase the humidity and cool the space. There is no condensation or puddles on the floor.



AKIMist® industrial humidifier sprays a dry fog that humidifies the air but doesn’t condense on the walls or floor. In wine cellars, it can maintain a stable humidity level between 60 – 65% RH. This helps to significantly eliminate evaporation of the wine and there is no longer the need to frequently check the stored wine. Annie Gavignet, a French wine producer who uses IKEUCHI solutions, reports that AKIMist® helps to save as much wine as 130 bottles in a year. The stable humidity level also contributes to the finesse of the wine.


AKIMist® is part of a comprehensive Smart Dry Fog Controller, together with a reverse osmosis device and a control unit. When using demineralized water, the system is almost maintenance-free. The system can be used in small cellars or big warehouses alike. The industrial humidifier AKIMist® can have one to four adjustable nozzles. One nozzle can humidify the air in a room of 100m3.


zvlhcovanie vo vinnej pivnici


  • Simple installation. The dry fog spray head is very small (25 cm in height) and can be easily placed on the existing air conditioner of your choice.
  • Humidifying the entire space or humidifying only a selected part of the room? With our solution, this is no longer a dilemma. AKIMist® can handle both, you only need to set it up. Each head has four nozzles that can spray dry fog up to a distance of four meters. One head can easily ensure stable humidity in a room of 100 m3.
  • The control unit automatically regulates the humidity. You can remotely check the humidity level thanks to air humidity sensors.
  • Maintaining the correct temperature will help to increase your productivity and wine quality. In stable relative air humidity, your wine will acquire a better taste and aroma.
  • You will eliminate wine evaporation and thus reduce labor costs, as there will be no need to refill the wine into barrels.
  • You can adjust the humidity levels according to your needs.
  • Low operating costs and minimal maintenance.
  • With higher air humidity, the barrels dry out less and are less subject to wear.