Wet Processes


You will save chemicals and demineralized water using nozzles that can more efficiently clean plates, PCBs, or glass substrates. IKEUCHI industrial nozzles have an even distribution that effectively reaches the required area and they have high cleaning capability.  Each step of the process has its specific needs that are met by our nozzles. IKEUCHI nozzles have good etching capacity and require fewer chemicals and water for cleaning.  

Our solutions help to increase the efficiency of the work of printed circuit board and semiconductor manufacturers, EMS, HDD equipment manufacturers, and automotive wiring harness manufacturers.

Polishing process:
Use our extremely durable industrial spray nozzles.

  • UVVP series
  • VP series
  • VEP series

Development process:
Industrial spray nozzles for exact development.

  • INJJX series
  • JJXP series
  • SSXP series
  • LYYP series
  • YYP series

Etching process:

Industrial spray nozzles for highly efficient fine etching and easy maintenance.

  • INJJX-Y series
  • JJXP series
  • SSXP series
  • JJRP series
  • INVVEA series

Stripping process:
Spray nozzles resistant to chemicals.

  • INJJX series
  • AJP-PPS series
  • INVV series

VVP series

Cleaning process:
Spray nozzles for precise cleaning.

  • INJJX series
  • JJXP series
  • INVV series
  • VVP series
  • AJP series
  • YYP series
  • BIM series
  • VVEA series
  • SLNH series
  • PSN series

Air drying process

  • TAIFUJet series