Assembly Processes

Prevent ESD problems, reduce air-conditioning costs, and eliminate dust problems by using dry fog humidification. During assembly processes and SMT production, various complications can occur due to incorrect air humidity. Low air humidity, especially in winter, results in an increased number of errors. Products can have various ESD defects: soldering defects, electrical circuit failures, or bad installation.

First, we analyze the existing conditions of your production (size of the space, air quality, the layout of the SMT line, etc.) and afterward, we provide a suitable solution that will help you eliminate ESD and reduce the number of defects. A humidification system tailored to your needs and requirements will get you rid of dust adhesion, reduce the number of faulty installations, and reduce air conditioning costs.

Our solutions help to increase the work efficiency of PCB and semiconductor manufacturers, EMS, HDD equipment manufacturers, and automotive wiring harness manufacturers.  

  • Decrease in the number of defects and increase in productivity.
  • Lower air conditioning costs.
  • Effective regulation of humidity.
  • Increase in product quality because of the reduction of installation defects and better print quality of soldered PCBs.
  • Prevent dust from sticking.
  • Simple installation.
  • High performance and easy maintenance.
  • The system can be quickly adapted to changes in room layout.