Air Humidification in Paint Shops

The paint shop is one of the most technologically complicated parts of an automobile plant. The parameters of air temperature, humidity, and the content of dust particles are extremely important here. Applying several layers of varnish is done in a dust-free environment, with a constant level of humidity. If the air humidity is too low, an increased amount of dust is formed and water-based paints evaporate too much. The recommended humidity during the application of individual layers of paint and varnish is 72% relative humidity. This ensures that there is no unnecessary evaporation of water-based paints. When you have a well-painted surface, you will need less grinding and polishing afterward.

Our recommended solution is AKIMIst®, an industrial dry fog sprayer. Dry fog distributes into the space and evenly evaporates into the air.

  • Stable humidity in the room
  • In optimal air humidity, the electric charge of the dust equalizes the surface of the bodywork, and instead of sticking it is repelled from the car surface.
  • Simple installation that uses already existing air conditioning system
  • High performance and easy maintenance
  • Can be quickly adapted to changes in room layout.