Irrigation and Spraying

In agriculture and horticulture, choosing the right nozzle means maximum irrigation and spraying efficiency. The portfolio of the IKEUCHI company includes plastic, steel, and aluminum nozzles that can be used for ceiling irrigation, sprinkler system, or multi-level cultivation.


SSXP series is available in steel or plastic (HTPVC). It is a hydraulic nozzle with a square spray distribution.

  • A wide angle of 90-100° ensures coverage of a large area.
  • The sprayer doesn’t miss any spots.
  • The X-shaped centrifuge provides a sufficiently large water passage and prevents clogging.


SSRP-HV hydraulic nozzles provide stable and uniform spraying at low flow rates.

  • Made of highly chemically resistant PVDF.
  • Ideal for spraying pesticides or fertilizers.


KBN series nozzles are made of high-quality aluminum. They are available in three variants: KBN80063, KBN80125, and KBN8022. KBN nozzles spray fine mist without compressed air.

      • The nozzle consists of a plastic extension and aluminum tip that prolongs the service life.
      • Nozzles are very light and long-lasting.
      • The diameter of the nozzle opening is 40% larger than in other nozzles of this kind.
      • The minimum spraying capacity is from 1 liter/hour.
      • The valve ensures that nothing drips after the spraying is finished.