Cultivation of Mushrooms

The cultivation of mushrooms on mushroom farms is booming in the world today. Many of these farms are using the AKIMist® industrial humidifier.

Mushrooms and humidity go hand in hand. That’s why there is a saying that something is springing like mushrooms after the rain. That’s why it is very important to have an optimal level of humidity in the industrial cultivation of mushrooms. When it is too low, the mushrooms don’t thrive and grow too slowly. Too much moisture means the mushrooms are too “watery” and tasteless.


Dry fog humidification will take care of humidifying the space in which the mushrooms thrive and have enough fresh air. When growing mushrooms, the ideal relative humidity is between 80-90%.

Dry fog effectively humidifies the entire space. The fine fog consists of droplets with a diameter of 10 microns or less, that don’t wet the mushrooms but provide them with an ideal environment for growth.


  • The mushrooms are not soaked in water and have the required quality and taste.
  • Low cost of humidification – with dry fog you have minimal air consumption.
  • You can better plan the collection of mushrooms; with stable air humidity, you know when they will ripen.
  • The AKIMist® is small and so you can easily place him where needed. The small dimensions of the water tank also limit the risk of bacteria.
  • You can monitor air humidity and set the level of humidity according to the type of mushrooms and growth phases.