Cooling Water Mist Without Wetting for Dairy Farms

solution: non-wetting water mist cooling system

It is important to cool the indoor spaces without stressing the animals. IKEUCHI’s state-of-the-art air-cooling systems effectively cool the space without wetting the animals or the floor. This is achieved by evaporating cooling effect of the patented semi-dry mist. This system not only cools the space and animals, but it also contributes to better hygiene. We always tailor the system to your needs.



A cooling semi-dry fog system cools and humidifies along the ceiling down to the animals. It reduces odor and maintains a constant humidity level. It is easy to install and maintain and easy to control.

COOLJetter Dome

The industrial cooling and humidification system for large spaces disperses the fine fog with the fan. It decreases the temperature of the environment by 2 to 4°C. It is suitable for large buildings with continuously open entrances and for spaces where standard cooling and humidification systems are ineffective.

KB and KBN nozzles

Hydraulic nozzles with hollow cone fine fog spray have droplets with a diameter of 100μm. They offer effective cooling of the environment without cooling the animals or the floor.


  • Non-wetting semi-dry fog cooling reduces the temperature by an average of 5°C and makes the animals less stressed. Animals are healthier and the number of deaths from heat is reduced.
  • Satisfied animals have an appetite and produce milk in an undiminished volume.
  • The system is easy to install and easy to control.

Check the operation of the cooling system.