Disinfection of Premises with Dry Fog

dry fog disinfects any space  

  • Many companies have had the sad experience of operations that had to be closed or have limited operations due to sick employees.
  • Do you want to be sure that such a situation will not surprise you and that your company premises will be safe and free of viruses and bacteria?
  • Are you looking for a solution that can be used anytime so that you don’t have to rely on external disinfection companies?
  • Discover the combination of Japanese quality and Slovak ingenuity – the AKIMist® DryFog Mobile Disinfection Unit is an easy-to-use device that creates dry fog for reliable secondary disinfection of any space.

benefits of dry fog disinfection  

  • 100% disinfection of the room - microscopic droplets of dry fog penetrate absolutely everywhere and, thanks to their size, can effectively destroy virus particles;
  • 15 minutes for disinfection  - 100 m2is completely virus free in 15 minutes;
  • No damage  - dry fog leaves no traces, and doesn’t damage electronics, paper, textiles, or equipment;
  • Versatile use  – adjustable power and nozzle direction. You can use dry fog disinfection in any space – even in the interior of a car;
  • Simple operation  – automatic power regulation and simple maintenance;
  • Low operation costs  – you can use any type of disinfection since the material of nozzles is resistant to chemicals;
  • Proven solution – successfully deployed in various types of facilities from hospitals (e.g. in Novamed, NUSCH Bratislava, and retirement homes (e.g. in social services home in Plavecké Podhradie), schools through manufacturing companies to stores (drogerie markt).

what do we offer? 

AKIMist® Mobile Disinfection Unit DryFog 2-nozzle – Mini

You can set the direction of nozzles on the mobile disinfection unit. Two nozzles ensure faster secondary disinfection of the space. Its size (140 cm x 34 cm x 52 cm) makes it ideal for smaller spaces. 


why is disinfection of premises important?

Viruses spread better in closed and poorly ventilated spaces. In the winter, the factor of overheated spaces also adds up and viruses then spread more easily. Since March 2020, the coronavirus is spreading in Slovakia, being more contagious than traditional flu viruses. Disinfection of premises, together with regular hand washing is key in slowing down or eliminating the transmission of viruses. Our solution is proven - AKIMist® Mobile Disinfection Units were also used in December 2020 at the three-day ITAPA 2020 conference, during which none of the 200 participants became infected.

what are customers saying about mobile disinfection?

„We bought AKIMist Dry for disinfection to Lazne Teplice nad Bečvou in spring. Today we are extremely grateful for it because it has become our daily companion. Its popularity is evident also in the fact that it was nicknamed Jáchym. What we appreciate about Jáchym is the ease of use and quick and detailed disinfection of the entire space without leaving any odor. Even though the spaces in our spa are larger, we are completely satisfied with the two-jet version of the mobile disinfection unit. For me, the biggest advantage is the fact that in a short time, with a small amount of disinfectant, you can disinfect also places where the human hand would not reach. Preparing the room for disinfection is also easy as you don’t have to move electronics or other devices.“

MUDr. Gabriela Hanslianová, Lázně Teplice nad Bečvou

Where is Secondary Dry Fog Disinfection Used?

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